The Jesus Q Connection is the first among a four book series (volume one has already been released).  It is focused on delivering all of the formal education, independent research, and experiential knowledge that Ethan has garnered throughout his lifetime, all the way from childhood, being raised and trained in traditional fundamentalist Christianity, through university psychology, and nearly two decades beyond.  More importantly, it exposes the reader to the to the most incredible phenomenon of our modern that religion and historians have missed...that traces the liberty movement of our ancestors, from the beginning of the Bible, through Jesus Christ of Nazareth, all the way up to Donald Trump and the rolling out of Revelation, and the ushering in of The Kingdom of Heaven on Earth. This is a must read for anyone who's interested in the topic of Q, Revelation, and the hidden meanings of the Bible.

The Guru Bullshit Collection.jpg

The self-help, guru culture has been gaining traction since the 1990's, but the past couple of decades have seen a tremendous increase in its popularity, and largely thanks to social media.  You can't log in to any social media platform without seeing a barrage of feel-good fuzzies and "uplifting" and "encouraging" memes being posted and reposted in fast-acting regurgitation style.  And people seeking out therapists and life coaches for help, on the regular, is at an all time high as well. Unfortunately this viral, mental disease of fake-wokeness and the self-proclaimed gurus (of various CULTures; religious and secular) of the world who continue to spawn and spread it, are a big part of the systematic dumbing down of the world.  This book exposes all the gaslighting and predatory practices of so-called therapists and gurus, and aims at setting you free from their manipulative bullshit.  If you think you need therapy, counseling, or life coaching, more than likely you've just been programmed by these con artists, in your most vulnerable moments, and they want you hooked on their philosophical drugs.


Obey (the Rise of Karenism and the Slave Culture in America), takes the reader on a journey of exposing the systematic slow drip of predictive social programming by the Deep State, The Cabal, and the New World Order, over a period of well over a half of a century.  Through the hijacking of religion, politics, public education, and mainstream media, Maoism, Marxism, and human secularism have grown like a cancer throughout America, seemingly erasing hundreds of years of hard earned freedom, opportunity, and prosperity.  This book also exposes the hidden deceptions of the Neo-Liberal movement and the modern therapy and self-help CULTures, and shows how they have weakened and hindered, rather than helped people, in more ways than you might think.  Ultimately, Obey (the Rise of Karenism and the Slave Culture in America), exposes the destructive mainstream ideology and attitude that we must blindly follow and obey all laws foisted on us by the State.


The Risk of Silence builds on the momentum and lessons learned from The Jesus Q Connection, The Guru Bullsh#t Collection, and Obey, to bring the reader into the final, full understanding of how the systematic dumbing-down of society, and the weakening of our spirit and our will, has brought us to a point of broad sweeping censorship and fear.  The New World Order have gradually and intentionally ramped up their attacks on our Bill of Rights, and this particular attack on the First Amendment has surfaced more and more at an alarming rate since the election of Donald Trump as president.  There's a reason that our Founders made the freedoms listed in the First Amendment, as the first priority over all of the other unalienable rights.  The recent widespread acceptance of large scale censorship, shadow-banning, and quarantining is not only an alarming phenomenon, it is highly dangerous, and could lead to full-blown collapse of our nation or Civil War II.


In this book you will find a mountain of incontrovertible evidence that could easily put many prominent figures away for life.  As it turns out, Covid-19, like many millions of viruses before its kind, is actually quite weak and overhyped, and, on average, only deadly to those who have compromised immune systems, vitamin and mineral deficiencies, or for those who have more than two comorbidities.  Yes, it is a real virus, and not just a "conspiracy theory."  However, it was bioengineered for a very specific and sinister make sick and kill off specific, targeted groups in the population, while simultaneously allowing international central bankers and large corporations to artificially crash economies and create a massive wealth transfer, and to help usher in their "Great Reset," which many global elites are now bragging about.  The Great Reset would be used to make toxic vaccines mandatory, create a "universal basic income," create global social credit scores, digital tracking and monitoring of every individual, and segue into a one world government.