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Ethan is an author, musician, and naturopath.  He is currently a talk show host on the Ethan Lucas Show (, the lead singer/songwriter and guitarist & pianist for the Rock band Celebrity Saints (, and is the author of The Jesus Q Connection book series, as well as The Guru Bullsh#t Collection book series.


Pulling from his lifelong, in-depth studies (nearly three decades) in the areas of philosophy, psychology, ontology, etymology, religion, mythology, ancient symbolism, metaphysics, history, law, medicine, and political science, Ethan draws all of his topics of discussion and discovery into a very unique and interwoven, synergistic big picture that challenges most mainstream ideologies taught, understood, and believed today.  Ethan’s main goal is to help everyone deprogram and self-actualize in a way that will lead to complete autonomy, self-awareness, individual empowerment, and full optimization and responsibility of their true, inherent abilities.

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501 Union Street

Nashville, TN 37219

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