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Dan the “Christian” Man: Agent of Chaos, Emblematic Adornment of Saturn

Updated: Apr 7, 2022

Author: Ethan Lucas | 04/06/2022

So, I would like to start out by thanking @Laura_JeH (Telegram) for the invite into her group chat last night, but unfortunately I would be remiss if I said that it was productive, pleasant, or positive….and NOT because of Laura. Laura is a wonderful, beautiful Soul and every ounce of energy I’ve ever seen out of her is pure love, acceptance, respect, and joy. But unfortunately Dan the (self-proclaimed) “Christian” Man became a huge disappointment.

Now, it’s not my style to smear or write hit pieces on anyone, but after multiple attempts during the conversation to openly share honest ideas and ask rational, simple questions, Dan left me in a situation where I had one of two choices: reprimand his demonic and narcissistic combative behavior, and physically leave the conversation completely, or simply stay on the line out of respect for Laura and sit in utter disbelief for the amount of egotistical disdain and hatred Dan has for anyone who is willing to simply apply some adult rationality to the topic, and respectfully ask some simple questions…questions which I even openly answered about myself, but he himself was completely unwilling to answer and was apparently so afraid of answering that he ragefully and cowardishly steamrolled me in the middle of my thought processes, and wouldn’t even let me finish a sentence…to the point where he assumed (obviously for the audience, in order to protect his dishonest stance) what I was about to say, repeatedly interrupted me, and tried to finish my sentences…with total disdain, arrogance, and brute childish outrage…decided to even have the audacity at one point to call me “arrogant” for laughing during his toddler fallout in aisle 4, simply because I was astonished at the presence of the demon that was rearing its ugly head and lashing out.

I was aghast with disbelief and honestly very sad…very sad that a man that I held respect for, before even meeting, that he would be so intimidated and afraid of honest questions…as he preaches a strong, very out of the ordinary message, of leaving the Babylonian system…which I am highly in favor of, but simultaneously he’s offering no solution and completely unwilling to answer any questions on how he operates personally…which is very important. You can’t tell people to leave the system and also act like you have, without also showing people The Way. Jesus showed everyone The Way. Anyone who asked was given legitimate answers. No one was disrespected or reprimanded or called arrogant for asking simple, honest questions.

First hand experience, and everyone who watched his nebulous display of demonology last night…everyone can testify to the rampant and uncalled for behavior of this unsavory spirit working through #DanTheChristianMan last night.

What’s worse is that even after I told the group I had nothing left to say until Dan answers my simple question of what he uses for currency or how he obtains food, clothing, and shelter…and as I sat in silence, waiting for him to come to his senses and act like a respectful, rational adult….he just continued to banter on for an hour to an hour and a half as if I weren’t even there, rambling in circles about shit that has already been hashed, rehashed, and re-rehashed a thousand times.

What is that? It’s self-service. Self proclamation. Self-aggrandizement.

Self, self, self, self.