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Donald Trump Has Won Georgia, but the Mainstream Media Isn’t Reporting It

In a nation with a free press, everyone would now be aware of these few simple facts:

  1. The Georgia Senate Judiciary Committee issued a report demonstrating that the election was stolen from President Trump.

  2. The vote was unanimous and bipartisan to audit Fulton County’s absentee ballots.

  3. And to de-certify Biden.

Don’t believe it? Why? Because the relay of these facts didn’t come with a CNN or FOX logo? See, this is the problem. You can actually look up this public information and verify it for yourself, but our nation has become so lazy and so trusting of a group of self-righteous, highly paid cult leaders that they falsely refer to as journalists, so that now, whenever actual TRUTH is revealed, instead of bought and paid for propaganda by the CCP or globalist assholes like Bill Gates or George Soros, no one believes it if it doesn’t come from their favorite denomination of religious media.

But since we DON’T have free press (speech) anymore, and so many people don’t value it (because they have Stockholm Syndrome), and the mainstream media is bought and paid for propaganda by our enemies (CCP, globalists, etc), most people aren’t aware that Trump has OFFICIALLY won GA....AZ and PA to follow...

Ethan Lucas Dec 31, 2020

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