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We Are Going to Give the Great Reset Speech. We Are Q...

I’m not sure how many times I have to remind people...Trump is NOT Q. Trump was recruited to run for POTUS by the Q team. Not everything Trump has said and done was good...why would anyone expect that? I don’t. But that doesn’t discredit Q. If you think Q is a psy-op now, you still clearly don’t understand what Q is and you’re not doing any research. And if you were doing your research you would know that 90% of what Q has said has already happened and/or been proven.

Stop pretending like Q is a magic fairy controlling everything that happens. Q has never claimed that and neither has any credible voice of Q. The entire movement was meant to wake people up and get We the People (who are the real Q), to get off of our asses and take action. So far, the Q movement has been very successful. We have woken up over 350 million people worldwide who, before the Q movement, were more asleep than a 90 year old narcoleptic Marxist in a 6 month coma.

Again, just because a bunch of disinfo is floating around, or crazy tinfoil hat wearing nutbags go around pretending like Q has said that Elvis is alive with Michael Jackson, and JFK Jr is still alive...which Q never said, and actually Q specifically said that JFK Jr is NOT alive...just because they make claims about all sorts of dead people being alive, doesn’t mean that Q has said that. Q hasn’t. So none of the reasons I’ve seen concernfags, trolls, and black pillers giving that “Q is fake,” has any credibility to it. None of it. They reveal their ignorance more and more by the day.

What you’re actually witnessing is a war on consciousness and a movement to wake enough people up so that We the People will take action, with politicians and military, to take down the corruption in government. That’s it. That’s all it’s ever been. Is Q infallible? No. Was there ever a guarantee of success? No. Why? Because it requires the majority of people to work together to ensure the success of the movement. A small group of military in an intelligence operation, even working with a POTUS, is not enough. It takes a majority. Why do you think Q has constantly said, “Where we go one, we go all”? Why do you think Q has said “trust the plan”? Not because you’re supposed to do nothing and just watch everything from the sidelines, but because THE PLAN is waking enough people up and exposing the Truth, to the point where it can’t be ignored, and eventually it tips over the corrupt tower of the elite.

Why is that so hard to understand? Why do those of us who actually take Q seriously and put it to the most stringent tests, and make the most clear and concise breakdown of information and conceptual tactics...why do we have to continually remind the masses of what Q actually is and bring them back down to Earth? Quite frankly it’s exhausting and it’s been one of the biggest reasons—besides the huge political dates/activities as of late—that I haven’t gone live in a couple of weeks...not to mention the holiday hustle.

Everyone needs to settle down, understand that trusting the plan means getting involved and waking people up, and working with your communities and elected representatives, to expose the corruption and lies, and tear down the idols of The Cabal. The military (including We the People) will get involved on a more aggressive level when necessary. Most of this war is intelligence operations though. So stop with the incessant bullshit and poo-pooing on the movement. We haven’t come this far to just implode. And if this short article doesn’t put it in proper perspective for you, download my book #TheJesusQConnection from The whole plan is there. Not the bullshit tinfoil hat disinfo cesspool.

With that being said, keep in mind, this fight isn’t over, and part of the plan has always included the corrupt politicians doubling down on their corruption and committing treason against America...against We the People and the Constitution. Until that ultimate crime was committed, we didn’t have a complete picture of all of the swamp creatures, and we didn’t have them openly complicit in the biggest crime against America in its entire history. You have to let them commit the crime while it’s on open display for the whole world to see. You have to let them inaugurate their foreign agent. I’ve said several times that they would do this. It has to happen. I also said that trolls and ignorant self-proclaimed geniuses and internet prophets would use the necessary Biden inauguration as “proof” that Q is fake and we’ve all been “hoodwinked.” But the fraudulent inauguration won’t stand. That’s the plan.

Q is not fake. Everything is going according to plan. And no, a bunch of Antifa assholes posing as Trump supporters and Q supporters, storming the Capitol building and baiting weak-minded MAGA followers into going with them...that’s not THE PLAN. That’s the New World Order’s plan.

So stop. Just stop.

The enemy’s goal is to divide us and start the in-fighting. If we stick together and focus on THE PLAN...taking down the corrupt elements in government...we will succeed. There’s no time stamp on this. There’s no statute of limitation on exposing high crime against America and We the People. The CCP agent Biden will fall. And so will Harris, Clinton, Obama, et al. Just settle down and keep plowing. You will know when the job is complete. And the more you give in to the divisive tactics of the enemy, the longer this will take. You obviously don’t understand how many people are corrupt, spineless, or blackmailed in our three letter agencies and government branches if you thought this would just all fold up nice and neat and get laid to rest like fine linen bed’re not understanding what we’re dealing with here. We’re folding fitted sheets, Karen.

So what if we don’t win this round? Do you really think the white hats in military intelligence groups, like Q, are just going to give up and walk away and let these criminals destroy this nation? Do you think the new recruits in the military, who are now more awake than ever, are going to let this go? Do you think Q will go away? No. It’s just going to get bigger. That’s why they fear us and want to censor and shut Q groups down.

The day of recompense is coming. George Washington and that Q group sustained many losses and things didn’t go as planned. In fact, they were almost defeated many times...but We the People, the REAL Q...prevailed because the original We the People that Washington recruited, trusted THE PLAN...AND TOOK ACTION AND NEVER GAVE UP!

We are THE PLAN. But we all have to do the work. They can’t defeat us if we don’t back down and we keep on exposing them. How do you think the Grand Canyon was created? Billions of drops of water over a long period of time. This was never meant to expose everything and stop every problem overnight.

Keep the movement going. Never give up. We are Q and we will prevail! Stand still and see the salvation of the Lord.


•Ethan Lucas (Jan 7, 2021)

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