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General Terms & Conditions for Presence in, Membership/Subscription in, and Viewership of All Content on this website, on, or ANY Lightborn Co. Related Site/Property:



​If you are viewing, using, or listening to any of our content here, it is because you have accessed this private property from a public avenue, or you have become a subscriber or member of our association, in the private. Your presence here and freedom to view, use, and enjoy this private property, is tacit consent to honor, defend, and uphold all statements, concepts, and general terms and conditions stated herein, and to honor and uphold all of the unalienable, natural God-given rights of Lightborn Co.'s managers, members, agents, associates/affiliates who may be living/natural men and women under Divine Jurisdiction; otherwise your dishonoring and/or violation of our unalienable, natural God-given rights is, by default, a trespass on our private property and against our unalienable rights, and you will no longer be allowed access to our property, and any claim made against us or our managers, members, agents, associates, or affiliates, due to any such trespass or violation of our rights, is automatically null and void.  We do not ever consent to any governance over us that is not perfectly in line with God's natural law (Divine Jurisdiction) and God's covenant with His People, which We the People (citizens) of the original republic of the United States of America are among, and we do not accept or tolerate division and/or discord in the Body of Christ--of which these associations (including the living, natural men and women involved) are inseparably members.  Any violation of any of our terms and conditions, will automatically nullify and void any contractual agreement or covenant.  We also reserve the right to terminate any account or association with us, at any time, for any reason, and there will be no refunds of any monies, donations, or gifts at any time, so that no claim of unfairness or bias can ever be made.

The name "ETHAN LUCAS" (or "Ethan Lucas") and, and all other names related to "LIGHTBORN" (or "Lightborn") here, are subgroups and private property of Lightborn Co., which is an unincorporated not-for-profit association, and it manages associations, limited liability companies, integrated auxiliaries, assemblies, and fellowships under Divine Jurisdiction, in the private. While we allow for public visibility of our existence (as did our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ) and some of our content, so as to provide complete transparency and to create awareness of our message and ministries, we are not a corporate body and we do not ever operate publicly for any reason, and we (as well as our managers or agents) are not for hire...we do NOT operate in commerce.  We also do not adhere to, nor accept the legalese definitions and word magic of esquires, agents of any crown, corporations, or courts of commerce, or statutory courts.  No such entity can ever own, patent, or arbitrarily define any language. We speak plainly and without deceit.  We do not stand under any assumed claim of authority nor any arbitrary definitions of words, nor any definitions of words which any living/natural person, or government or corporate body may have claimed sole right to define.  Again, it is not possible to own, patent, or arbitrarily define any word in any language.  Lightborn Co. and its managers typically only use commonly known/understood definitions of words, but if there is ever a question, by ANY party, of the definition/meaning of any of the words or spelling that we use, each word/spelling in question must be utilized and understood ONLY by Lighborn Co.'s own set of definitions, not the arbitrary definitions of any court, corporate body, private person, living/natural person or any entity of any kind (et al).  Any questions about definitions of the words we use may be asked in the form of a notarized affidavit addressed and officially delivered to us.  We only deal with entities who are questioning us or making claims against us in the form of a notarized affidavit.  At no time do we ever relinquish or surrender ANY of our rights.  Any attempt to manipulate or twist our own words against us, or to violate our rights will automatically be deemed as fraud and malicious intent to harm, and full lawful and/or legal action will be taken against ANY and ALL who do so.  ANY particular use of punctuation, capitalization of letters, or any other stylistic form of grammar used herein CANNOT be construed to strike or remove any words herein, twist the words or meanings of the words as intended by Lightborn Co. and its members, managers, and agents, nor can it be implied to mean anything other than what Lightborn Co. and its managers and agents state that it means.  ANY misspellings, typos, or other inadvertent mistakes which may be found herein at ANY point, will NEVER nullify or void the validity of the purpose, principle, meaning, or message herein. And just as the Bill of Rights of the republic known as the United States of America rightly states for its People, the managers and agents of Lightborn Co. assert the same right, that the enumeration of certain or specific rights mentioned herein, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the People (who are its members, managers, and agents) of Lightborn Co. We retain ALL rights at ALL times and even our own potential or actual ignorance in a matter, or our own omissions or admissions, whether made in full cognizant awareness or not, whether made under duress or not, can NEVER take away or remove our natural, God-given, fundamental, and unalienable rights, as they are eternal, immutable, indestructible, omnipotent and ever present, just as our Creator.

Lightborn Co.'s managers, and agents hold dual citizenship with the eternal Kingdom of Heaven, ruled by King Jesus, as well as citizenship with the original republic known as the United States of America, which is NOT a corporation.  The original republic known as the United States of America still exists today and was established via the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776.  The Constitution of the original republic known as the United States of America did NOT create the republic, as it clearly states in its opening line that it was created simply "in Order to form a more perfect Union" (which already existed amongst the several States), and was made up of the Citizens of the several States of the Union, which formed this republic. Be it known that "citizenship" (with or without a capital "C") can never mean or be taken to mean anything resembling involuntary servitude, slavery, or something that makes a living/natural man or woman the property of any body (of any kind: government, corporate, natural/living, or legal fiction), nor can "citizenship" ever mean or be taken to mean anything resembling an obligation to follow the arbitrary whims or decisions of an officer/agent, a judge in/from a court, or any legislative body or members thereof, whether hired, elected or supposedly elected, and whether living/natural or corporate in nature. The signers of the Declaration of Independence, who are also the Founders of the original republic known as the United States of America, never intended for our legislature, courts, or law enforcement officers to enslave We the People of this republic under the whims or arbitrary decisions of other men, women, or persons, whether living/natural or corporate in nature. Also, Jesus Christ, who created the most powerful Declaration of Independence for citizens of the eternal Kingdom of Heaven, has paid the ultimate price to completely fulfill the law and we have been made free.  And even though we are the creation of God Almighty, we are NOT slaves or property of God Almighty, and therefore we certainly CANNOT and will NEVER be slaves or property of any other person, corporate body, or government, as governments and corporate bodies are man-made and subject to their makers: living/natural persons (or men and women).  The Supreme Court of the United States has even stated in the famous Dred Scott v. Sandford case (1857) that We the People are sovereign and that every citizen is one of the sovereign people. Therefore, be it known that the word "citizenship" in the original republic known as the United States of America (which still stands as the Supreme Authority in all lawful/legal matters), not only means that one is sovereign, it essentially means the same thing as "membership," and one who has membership in this sovereignty of We the People, which comes with the recognition of ALL natural, God-given and unalienable rights, as well as benefits, and privileges, and also IMMUNITIES to arbitrary demands, mandates, legislation, codes, and statutes (et al), which operate under color of law, and which would compel one toward any action, without their full informed consent.  In a republic of a sovereign people or "citizens," instead of one individual holding sovereignty over its subjects, as is the case in a monarchy, EVERY CITIZEN IS SOVEREIGN as it is part of a sovereign body/collective, and therefore each individual citizen, while holding the same capacity as a sovereign, has no authority to effect its fellow citizens (all being made equal), unless one of those fellow citizens violates the rights of another, or harms, damages, or trespasses.


As children of God Almighty we hold no other allegiance except to Truth and Love (which include honor and justice), and we cannot ever be compelled to proclaim or hold allegiance to any legal fiction, any flag or symbol, or any man-made body, government, or corporate body. Holding citizenship in the original republic known as the United States of America, does not oblige one to hold blind allegiance to its government or those who control its offices at any given moment.  There is a difference between the government of the original republic known as the United States of America and THE REPUBLIC ITSELF.  THE REPUBLIC ITSELF IS THE COLLECTIVE BODY OF THE SOVEREIGN PEOPLE (We the People, otherwise known as the Citizens of the several States of the Union). And again, each citizen is one of the sovereign people.  Lightborn Co. and its members, managers, and agents FULLY and COMPLETELY reject, with prejudice, any definition of the word "citizen" (or any of its stylistic grammar forms) that would imply that we hold allegiance to or have any obligation to any man-made body, government, or corporate fiction of any kind, or any arbitrary legislation. ALL men (and women) are created equal and will ALWAYS be treated as such, in every regard.  NO ONE has any authority over ANY ONE else.  No one is a monarch except our Creator.  All claims of monarchy by any living/natural man or woman or persons arbitrarily claiming any other gender, are null and void and carry no validity.  If one is claiming to be a monarch (or is acting/operating as such) and is operating with a military or armed agents, they are nothing more than a mafia or a gang and should be treated as such. Monarchism is anathema to human freedom and justice and should never be tolerated or accepted under any circumstances.  By definition monarchies are inherently despicable and violent, and they inevitably lead to the violation of our unalienable, natural, God-given rights. Monarchies are also a mockery toward God and an abomination to God, as they should also be to everyone who seeks be like Christ, living in honor and integrity, as we are charged to do so, and this is the highest good attainable in this life: to have the mind of Christ and to act as He did while incarnate here on Earth. (Php 2:5-6)

ETHAN LUCAS and Lightborn Co., as well as all of its managers and agents strongly uphold and adhere to the following passage of scripture (1 Pet 3:8-13), and we expect others to reciprocate these principles toward us, as it is of no onerous effort to anyone, and these principles are fully aligned and in harmony with the principles of honor in every culture:

1 Peter 3:8-13 (KJV)

8 Finally, be ye all of one mind, having compassion one of another, love as brethren, be pitiful, be courteous:

9 Not rendering evil for evil, or railing for railing: but contrariwise blessing; knowing that ye are thereunto called, that ye should inherit a blessing.

10 For he that will love life, and see good days, let him refrain his tongue from evil, and his lips that they speak no guile:

11 Let him eschew evil, and do good; let him seek peace, and ensue it.

12 For the eyes of the Lord are over the righteous, and his ears are open unto their prayers: but the face of the Lord is against them that do evil.

13 And who is he that will harm you, if ye be followers of that which is good?


And with these principles in mind, no reasonable, prudent, honest person (living/natural, or corporate in nature) can deny that only harm, damage, trespass, or violation of fundamental, God-given, natural rights can justify ANY action taken by officers, courts, or citizens against other citizens.  All actions are inherently evil and criminal which would deprive one of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, without just cause and due process of law.  And that law must be in line with the Declaration of Independence and God's natural law, which is protected by the original republic known as the United States of America, formed and controlled by We the People, who are sovereign. Any attempt to define a "citizen" as being subject to ideas that would deprive them of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, without due process of law, therefore is evil and criminal in and of itself, by the ramifications it would cause.  Therefore, let it be known, our citizenship in the original republic known as the United States of America is not and cannot ever be construed as placing us under servitude to any arbitrary legislation written by a body of equals, wherein ANY of the People do not consent.  In this republic the rights of the individual can never be stripped away or ignored, regardless of the votes, opinions, or arbitrary legislative, executive, or judicial decisions of others, and regardless of how many vote for rights to be ignored or stripped away.  The original republic known as the United States of America is not a case of gang rape, where a group of men and women get to take advantage of one or more others simply because the majority decided that it was okay or should be done.  Our citizenship as a form of membership in this republic, was made to guarantee protection of such group-think or abuse toward individuals.  Also, this membership (citizenship) guarantees our protection FROM arbitrary legislation, not an obligation to align with it.  The legislature was not created to become a tool of arbitrary control by the few over the many, nor to deprive anyone of their life, time, energy, or property.  Only harm, damage, or trespass against another natural/living man or woman constitutes an actual crime, and any law that is passed which violates this concept is not a valid law and is a violation of our membership agreement which we commonly call "citizenship," as members or Citizens of the several States of the Union (We the People) which make up this republic.


We the People operate here in this Earth realm by natural law and natural right, in honor, and as Joint Heirs with Christ (Rom 8:17).  We are spiritually reborn in Christ and naturally born here on the land (Earth), as free living men and women, and we have every God-given and natural right to be here and to operate peacefully and lovingly as Ambassadors of the Kingdom of Heaven, unencumbered and unviolated in every way, spreading The Gospel ("good news") of freedom in Christ Jesus.  By natural right and by God-given right, We the People of God's Kingdom, have full authority and jurisdiction over the republic commonly known as the United States of America, which is (for us) the New Jerusalem on Earth, and of which we are stewards and Guardians over.  Any attempt to hijack, abuse, or manipulate the authority that We the People have in the Kingdom of Heaven and over the republic known as the United States of America, will be met with swift, lawful justice.  And since We the People have taken back our natural, God-given freedom from the Crown, in 1776, we now claim full authority and right in all of the laws and the New Covenant in Jesus Christ and/or Christ Jesus, which is of God Almighty, and stated explicitly in the Authorized King James Version of the Bible.  The Vatican, and ALL other religious and secular bodies have NO arbitrary claim of or to authority over us.  And as members of the Body of Christ, and rightful and lawful Ambassadors of the Kingdom of Heaven, and Guardians of Truth and The Word (Logos) of God, we reserve the right to correct ANY and ALL translational/interpretational errors which are found in the Authorized King James Version of the Bible, and to rectify any scripture that has been tampered with, added to, or taken away from the original, divinely inspired Word of God, without revocation or nullification of ANY of our rights or the authority, covenants, and laws contained within the divinely inspired scriptures and/or the Authorized King James Version of the Bible.  Any bill, bull, act, mandate, statute, code, ordinance, man-made law, OR ANYTHING brought forth by the carnal mind and the children/servants of the devil/Satan (John 8:31-47), has/have NO authority or jurisdiction over us (We the People and Lightborn Co., its managers, members, agents, associates/affiliates) and ANY claim of like kind or manner is automatically and by default, made null and void, and of no effect in Christ Jesus and by natural, God-given right (Col 2:14, Col 2:20, Heb 9:10, Rom 8:1-39, John 10:10, John 10:33-36, John 8:36).


Natural Law (the Law of God) is inherently the only existent true authority over a sovereign people, heirs to the Kingdom of Heaven—which we are (Rom 8:17, Rev 17:14, 1 John 4:17, Isa 9:6-7)—and no other arbitrary or man-made law (or color of law) will ever have any authority over us, unless by our express, written and duly affirmed and declared consent, with due process of law, and with full acknowledgment and honoring (by all entities) of our unalienable, natural God-given rights, and never relinquishing any of our rights, EVER, regardless of our affirmed and declared testimonies. And we do intentionally point out that we do not swear any oaths, we only affirm and declare them as truth, as is stated in scripture (Matt 5:34-37).  And given that we know that "we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places" (Eph 6:12), for this cause and to this principal of Truth, metaphysical, physical, lawful, and/or legal counter measures and/or recourse may be raised against any natural living man, woman, or person, or entity attempting to form a weapon against us, and/or pursue an attack of any kind against Lightborn Co. and its agents, managers and/or members, associates/affiliates and their friends and family, or their assets/property. Our agents, managers, members, associates, and affiliates reserve ALL rights at ALL times, and do not waive any rights ever, for any reason (NO EXCEPTIONS).  Man-made codes, statutes, ordinances, mandates, acts, or so-called "laws" or "by-laws," or anything construed as law, which is actually color-of-law, of or by any corporate municipality, or anything resembling a corporate body, or even a government body, will never have any jurisdiction or authority over Lightborn Co. or its agents, managers, members, associates/affiliates.  And with article one (1) of the Bill of Rights of the United States of America, clearly and distinctly protecting our right to separation of church (ecclesia) and state, we hereby put any and all agents of any agency, board, or State (corporate or otherwise) on notice that we are sovereign heirs of the Kingdom of Heaven, and free men and women in Christ, as a natural God-given birth-right, which is not only clearly stated in the Declaration of Independence of 1776, but also by the Constitution of the United States of America, and upheld by the Supreme Court of the United States of America; we therefore decree, by our constitutionally protected rights and more importantly, by our natural, God-given, unalienable rights, that we do not bow a knee to, nor serve the secular State in any way.  We ONLY operate by the laws of the original REAL republic (declared independent and sovereign in 1776), which was founded and declared by the framers of the original United States of America (for which the Constitution of 1789 was written and enacted), and we are only subject to God Almighty and His natural laws. Nothing can ever be subject to something that it created.  We the People created the United States of America as a republic (NOT a democracy), and each one of the People have full control and jurisdiction over it, as it was created to protect the individual, not group-think, the masses as a whole, or the enterprising criminals and control freaks who infiltrate and seek personal gain and advantage over others, or to create harm or encumbrances for others.  All individuals who make up the body known as We the People were created by God Almighty, and therefore we are subject ONLY to His natural laws.  The Republic's SOLE (only) purpose is to serve and protect God's People (We the People), as we serve with Christ Jesus—who is Truth—and Him alone.  We operate here and now as ambassadors of the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth, using our authority over this republic, which We the People have created, and since Jesus Christ lawfully reclaimed (once and for all time — Rom 6:10, 1 Pet 3:18, Heb 10:10) the title deed to this Earth (for sentient, spirit/soul-based, living flesh and bone men and women), and has given it back to We the People (children of God and Joint Heirs with Christ), we stand in that unalienable right and FULL authority to assemble and operate in peace, love, and harmony with all, once again taking dominion over this Earth for We the People, as we have been commissioned by God—to make the enemies of God (who is Truth & Love), the footstool of Christ—being fruitful (in every way), and multiplying...spreading The Gospel ("good news") of the Kingdom, and rebuilding the Eden experience which Adam and Eve once enjoyed, before The Fall, and the implementation of bondage, control, and tyranny over us all, by the enemies of God and We the People.  Any appeal to rebut these claims is further voided and nullified by the Supreme Court of the United States of America itself, when it stated in in Edwards v. Aguillard, 482 U.S. 578, 107 S. Ct. 2573, 96 L. Ed. 2d 510 (1987), that "the Founding Fathers believed devotedly that there was a God and that the inalienable rights of man were rooted in Him." And also, in McIlvaine v. Coxe's Lessee, 6 U.S. 280, 2 Cranch 280, 2 L. Ed. 279 (1805), the Supreme Court relied on the Bible as "ancient and venerable" proof that expatriation had long been "practiced, approved, and never restrained."  Therefore, even though our predecessors were fooled into giving up their natural, God-given birth right and inheritance as Joint Heirs with Christ, and free men and women, with full authority over a true republic which was made to preserve ALL of our entering into a counterfeit and parallel "citizenship" (membership) with a de facto government or corporate body...we (Lightborn Co. and all of its managers, members, agents, associates/affiliates) have repented of our old ways, which was foisted upon us in our ignorance (Hos 4:6), and have now turned away from this treacherous, traitorous, and enslaving system.  We owe no allegiance to anything or anyone except Christ, as our head, and God Almighty (our Creator) as the head of Christ.  We do not pledge allegiance to ANY flag or symbol (which become idols when one pledges allegiance to them), nor to any earthly or man-made kingdom or corporate or government body, which are now attempting to take to the place of God Almighty through the efforts of infiltrators who seek carnal and earthly power.  The republican form of government for us, holds allegiance to We the People, which it serves, not the other way around. And We the People have not only the right, but the DUTY to dissolve ANY government when it does not hold allegiance to us, is destructive of our rights or property, and does not serve us.  This is clearly stated in our Declaration of Independence.  Therefore, we only hold allegiance to Love (God Almighty) and Truth (Christ) and utilize our full authority in Him, and with our true, original republic (of the United States of America) we stand strong and firm, accepting and using the law ONLY to administer Truth and Justice, and the protection and preservation of the pursuit of Life, Liberty (true natural freedom from all forms of earthly rulership and tyranny), and Happiness for ALL.  And we (Lightborn Co. and its managers, members, agents, and associates/affiliates) do NOT recognize any misguided assumption that anyone wearing a black robe on a bench in any court or anyone wearing a badge with a gun, has any authority to violate or usurp anyone's rights, or that ANY supposedly elected representative (public servant) or body of supposedly elected representatives (public servants), have any authority whatsoever to create and/or pass laws which are in violation of the rights of We the People and without our consent. And the fact remains that We the People have MANY unalienable, natural God-given rights that are not enumerated in the Bill of Rights or the Constitution of the United States of America.  And as the Bill of Rights correctly and justly states, in article nine (9), no government or public servant representing the government, has ANY right AT ALL to violate any of the natural, unalienable God-given rights (Natural Law), just because those rights are not specifically listed or listed in detail in the Constitution or Bill of Rights.  Let it also be known that the fact that We the People have chosen thus far to not use force to physically remove supposedly elected representatives (public servants) who have stolen from us and violated our rights (or attempted to usurp our rights), whether intentionally or unintentionally, does NOT imply consent! We the People do NOT consent to ANY legislation or judicial or executive action which violates our unalienable, God-given rights, and the Constitution of the United States of America EXPLICITLY states that this cannot be done anyway. And as the Supreme Court of the United States of America has rightly pointed out in Marbury v Madison, "A law repugnant to the Constitution is void."  Therefore, We the People rightly and justifiably...AND LAWFULLY...ignore ANY and ALL "laws" which are repugnant to the Constitution and which violate our natural, unalienable God-given rights. Just because a group of hundreds of assholes get together and write something down on a piece of paper, even in an official capacity, does not make it valid in any way, shape, or form.


And further, let it also be known that all man-made governments derive their just powers to protect and serve the rights of God's People (We the People), and to protect their private property, and these just powers are derived and granted by consent ALONE, and that this is the only purpose of man-made governments.  Any infringement against these principals, inherently and automatically serves as a verdict of fraud, trespass, and violation of our God-given natural, unalienable rights, upon any and all who attempt to ignore, defy, or infringe upon them. We do no harm to others and we only love and serve, although we do reserve the God-given natural, unalienable right of self-defense.  Seeing as we do no unjustified harm to anyone, and do not trespass, any action taken against us will be met with swift defense, recourse, remedy, and justice, and we will receive recompense, sevenfold for any and all damages, trespasses against us, or violations of our rights, as is rightly stated in scripture (Prov 6:31).  Anyone who wishes to challenge the truths and facts herein, must notice and present to us their statements or claims in the form of a notarized affidavit, sworn or affirmed/declared under penalty of perjury, and we must be cognizant and aware of such notice by proper and confirmed service of delivery.  All other claims will automatically be deemed null and void, and damages may be lawfully/legally sought for (but not limited to) malicious prosecution, fraud, libel, slander, harassment, defamation of character, coercion, racketeering, et al.


Any false claims or harassment, or any attempt to defraud us and/or violate our rights, which become, at our discretion, a waste of our time (and time being intrinsically unrecoverable) will be billed to the one(s) wasting our time, at the rate of $10,000/hr for any administrative work, planning, travel time, counsel, or hiring of staff (and the staff's work) necessary to prepare and forward a case in a de jure, Article III Common Law Court, of We the People and by We the People, not a statutory or corporate court or court of commerce, or courts which are de facto courts and only operate under presumption and color-of-law.  (Buildings themselves are not courts of law, they are simply houses for court proceedings, and the courts and court houses in each county of the several States of the Union are the sovereign People's Courts and buildings.)  Also, all members, managers, agents, and associates/affiliates of Lightborn Co. ALWAYS retain all rights at all times, including and especially all rights pertaining to our exclusive property, which is our minds, bodies, information, genetic material/information, intellectual property, and all of our effects and all else that we own, and if ANY entity of ANY kind shall ever violate the rights of Lightborn Co.'s members, managers, and/or associates/affiliates, that entity or entities (including, but not limited to any entity of a private or public capacity) will be charged $1,000,000 for the first offense, and any following or accompanying offenses will be exponentially billed seven (7) times the amount of the previous bill (i.e. two (2) offenses would result in a total billing of $7,000,000, three (3) offenses would result in $49,000,000, and four (4) offenses would result in $343,000,000, etc).  None of our member's, manager's, agent's, associate's or affiliate's property can be administered without their full, coherent, and lawfully duly affirmed consent, with due process of law.

Lightborn Co. and its members, managers, agents, associates/affiliates will NEVER, under ANY circumstances, contract or make covenant with any corporate body (except those created by, owned, and/or controlled by its managers, members, agents, or associates/affiliates), and any presumption or assumption of such is herein, by default, made null and void and of no effect, and all who deal with us in any capacity have herein been officially noticed and have tacitly agreed by entering this website or any other site associated or affiliated with Lightborn Co. in ANY way.  And as stated previously, any use of ANY kind of punctuation, capitalization, or literary style of any kind, found in/on ANY of Lightborn Co.'s materials/information, is NOT subject to any arbitrary laws or opinions or customs/traditions of ANY corporate, legislative, judicial, or executive body. And we especially refute and deny ANY and ALL presumed or assumed authority over us by any corporate, legislative, judicial, or executive body, de facto government, de facto court, religious body, or secular body, and ALL of their representatives, members, employees, citizens, subjects, managers, agents (et al).


This notice applies to all who enter here and all who attempt to control us or take action against us, which violates our natural, unalienable rights, defies our consent, harasses or stalks us, or trespasses on our property.  And if the price tag listed herein is too high for your budget, we recommend not acting in a way which would trigger such a cause for billing.  If any such cause does trigger billing, and the recompense is not met, a sevenfold penalty will be applied to the bill after twenty-one (21) days, and it will be enforced for stealing time and peace rightly enjoyed by Lightborn Co. and our members, managers, agents, associates/affiliates.  (But of course, if you're not here for nefarious purposes, including any attempt to violate our rights, or arbitrarily control us or our assets/property, then you obviously have nothing to be concerned about.  We love everyone abundantly, with the love of God shed abroad in our hearts, but we also do not tolerate abuse or harm to our members, managers, associations/affiliates, agents, or our assemblies or fellowship.)


The content, products, services, and/or membership on this site, or with Lightborn Co. and its associates, affiliates, auxiliaries, subgroups, members, managers, agents (et al), are not intended to be financial, tax, or professional advice, and also are not intended to be medical or legal advise. Users, including all Visitors of this site, should consult a BAR registered attorney, or tax professional, financial advisor, licensed medical doctor, or other appropriate professional, for any matters related to financial, legal, tax, or medical subject matter. Lightborn Co. and its associates, affiliates, auxiliaries, subgroups, members, managers, agents (et al), do NOT practice law or medicine, and NO partial or whole portion of ANYTHING the aforementioned says or does, in ANY form or format, should ever be construed as or taken as legal or medical advise.


Additionally and with special attention to, unless otherwise stated, the term or designation "NP" or "ND" used in conjunction with anyone's name on this website, used on this website, or in conjunction with this website in ANY way (including but not limited to any documentation, videos, any form of media or print, any audio recordings or calls, or any conversations, one-on-one consultations, or meetings of any kind), is defined as "Naturopathic Practitioner" or "Naturopathic Doctor" (respectively), but NOT one who falls under the jurisdiction or authority of any regulatory board or licensing entity, in any State or jurisdiction that ETHAN LUCAS or Lightborn Co. MAY operate in.  Managers or agents of Lightborn Co., including ETHAN LUCAS, are NOT involved in the practice of dietetics nor are they a "licensed dietitian-nutritionist," nor do they provide "nutrition care," nor do they assess an individual’s or group's nutritional needs.  The word "nutritionist" used on this website is simply in reference to ISSA's own arbitrary naming of certification and any other time the word "nutritionist" would be used, it is to be taken to mean "one who observes and shares information, in a private capacity, about supplements and nutraceuticals, herbs, minerals, amino acids, vitamins, etc., not to be confused with one who practices dietetics or 'nutrition care' of any kind." The word "doctor" or "Dr" used on this website or in conjunction with this website in ANY way (including but not limited to any documentation, videos, any form of media or print, any audio recordings or calls, or any conversations, one-on-one or group sessions, or meetings of any kind), is defined as "teacher," unless otherwise indicated, and the word "physician" is defined as "healer."  Teachers, healers, and doctors (teachers) of theology, philosophy, natural remedies or traditional naturopathy do not perform surgeries, nor do they diagnose, treat, prevent, or cure any diseases, and they also do not ever prescribe any medication of any kind.  Any and all letters or titles associated with ETHAN LUCAS and/or any members, managers, or agents of Lightborn Co. and their names will never be taken or construed to indicate that ETHAN LUCAS and/or any members, managers, or agents of Lightborn Co. are practicing or attempting to practice medicine or to give the impression that they are qualified or licensed to do so.  ETHAN LUCAS and Lightborn Co. do NOT engage in the practice of ANY type of medicine, law, or counseling, in any jurisdiction, or anywhere that regulates or licenses practitioners in any branches of medicine, law, or counseling. ETHAN LUCAS is a doctor (Dr) of theology (ThD), which is a teacher (one who shares information and knowledge) and a healer (one who addresses life from a holistic perspective and helps to make one whole, just as Jesus Christ has instructed us to do, and much in the same manner as Jesus Christ did) and does not EVER practice ANY kind of medicine, law, or State regulated counseling or advising which would require a State issued license or a license from any regulatory entity or board.  Any attempt to construe information on this website, or ANYTHING originating from or associated with this website or ETHAN LUCAS or Lightborn Co. in ANY way, as the practice of law, medicine, or counseling which requires a license, is fraud and intrinsically false. In essence, ETHAN LUCAS is simply a minister and a life and health coach, none of which require any type of State or board regulation or licensing.


ANY attempt at malicious prosecution or malicious use of process against/toward ETHAN LUCAS, Lightborn Co., or any of its members, managers, agents (et al), as well as any harassment, threats, or presumptions, accusations, or attempts to file false reports against ETHAN LUCAS, Lightborn Co., or any of its members, managers, agents (et al), will be met with swift legal and lawful action, and anyone involved in such ignorant, ill-mannered, or malicious attempts, whether they be a natural person and/or a living man or a living woman, will be held liable and accountable in a professional, public, personal, and private capacity, as well as any corporate bodies, whether they be government, public, or private in nature.


Consider this an honorable and just notice, as ETHAN LUCAS, Lightborn Co., and any/all of its members, managers, and agents continually and perpetually operate in and under God's Law, which is honorable and just.  As Christians and as a Christian organization protected under God's Law, and by the Constitution of the republic known as the United States of America, and by the constitution of any of the several States of the Union which ETHAN LUCAS, Lightborn Co., and any/all of its members, managers, and agents MAY operate in, we reserve all rights at all times to honorably and lawfully live and share information in the private with one another (in a private member association), as we see fit, in an entirely consensual and lawful manner, and with an unadulterated, unabridged, and unobscured meeting of the minds, not open to the public or subject to any public jurisdiction of any kind.


The content on this site is produced by LIGHTBORN LTD for informational purposes only as an expression of our ministry to the world.  Any downloadable material including but not limited to audio, typewritten or video format is for personal entertainment and individual private education. Lightborn Co. and all of its associates, affiliates, auxiliaries, subgroups, members, agents, managers (et al), are NOT for hire and reserve all rights and are not responsible for individual use of any information or material herein, by the Users and/or Visitors to this site. This site is proprietary in nature and controlled under special private agreement. Obtaining any material including but not limited to downloads, recording, copying of any kind, cut and paste, hand written, etc., from this site by any and all parties without express permission from Lightborn Co. is expressly forbidden.  All State and Federal public entities, legal persons, offices, officers, agencies or agents are barred from extracting or using content from this site under any presumption of law without express written permission by ETHAN LUCAS and Lightborn Co.  All State and Federal persons and offices will be held liable in their private and public capacities for any breach of these conditions.  Assumed and presumed public statutory authority over the private proprietary property of Lightborn Co.,, "ETHAN LUCAS" or "Ethan Lucas," or any related affiliates, auxiliaries, members, managers, agents (et al), contained and maintained on this site or anywhere else, is hereby rebutted and denied without a valid quo warranto, express contract, or express agreement.

Addresses listed on this website are for receiving correspondence and packages ONLY.  ETHAN LUCAS and Lightborn Co. do not claim to hold any residence or practice from any postal address listed on this website.


This notice has been posted, visible to the public and all private members herein, on this first day of January, two thousand twenty-three (01/01/2023).  All previously posted versions of this notice have been recorded for safe keeping and notarized for proof of existence.

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