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I’ve been think on this for a while now. The expose and talk time is over. We need solutions. If and when something happens national we still have to clean our house up and set the stage going forward. When the states joined the republic the federal government was to guarantee a rebulican form of government. The states do not follow this. They have turned into a direct democracy. Solutions: 1 all states need to form an electoral college to elect the executive of the state : 2 all states in order to form a new law ( constitutional amendment ) after the bill has been proposed has to be sent to every county to be passed and must receive 2/3 approval. This give the power back to the people at the closest level giving them ultimate veto power and real control of these parasites. :3 all states move to a fixed sales tax on all new durable goods (excluding) food. No other taxes. Everyone pays the same and everyone praticipates. Also this allows those who want to opt out of the system can buy used.

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