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A Letter to a Friend

I’m banned on FascistBook again brother, so I can’t respond, but with all due respect, you’re missing a lot of the picture. You’ll see very soon. I have key insider intel that I don’t talk about and I was made aware that this is part of the plan. Pence had to let it play out this way. You can’t stop a criminal mafia before they commit the crime if you want to have incontrovertible proof that they committed the crime and they are indeed what the evidence suggests. This is far from over. This is just the part where all the concernfags, black pillers, and impatient/short-sighted trolls come the hecklers when Jesus was being taken to the cross. It would behoove you to read my book, #TheJesusQConnection. I can tell that you haven’t.

The stage is now set for the ten days of darkness and an upcoming resurrection and worldwide movement. Too many keyboard warriors think they know what’s going on and a lot of disinfo has flooded the net and tainted the perspective of many with good intentions. But the path to Hell is paved with good intentions.

I am well aware of the Hegelian Dialectic. It deceives many into thinking we’re dealing with a “two-headed snake.” In fact, we are dealing with a hydra and the Hegelian Dialectic is simply one of the heads of that hydra and it is, in and of itself, an incapsulated deception. Now, you can do and say what you want. You can think what you want. It’s your journey. But just remember, when the resurrection occurs, and all the stones have already been thrown, you can’t go back and unthrow them. Very few kept the faith when Jesus went to the cross. Even Peter denied Christ at that point. But he returned, as I suspect that you will too my friend. But in the process of losing and regaining your faith, don’t dig a hole so deep that you can’t return, because then you’ll find yourself trying to further defend what you then know to be a lie, just to try to save face. That’s called ego and pride.

Everything that has happened and is happening this very minute was laid out by Q...and not just Q but it is following the exact biblical pattern of the previous Q movements (Moses, David, Jesus, 1776). So again, I appreciate your concern, but I’m advising you to not fall by the way of the enemy into fanciful ideologies and false doctrines that are

tantalizing to the carnal mind. Hope all is well brother, and God bless.

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